Tubemate App Download for Android, iOS and Windows PC Devices

It is a third party app, so it is not available on Google’s play store because of its terms of service. So you need to download the apk from a trusted source. It is free of malware and safe to use. The developers of this App keep it updated and free of bugs.

This app is a product of Devian studios and is an amazing utility app to download videos in different resolutions. It can extract videos from all the website on the internet. For this purpose, It has an inbuilt browser which allows you to navigate through multiple websites. 

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Useful Features of Tubemate:

  • Fast video downloads from YouTube.
  • There are no limits on downloads
  • This APK is free of cost and can be downloaded from various trusted sources.
  • This app can download videos from multiple websites and at very fast speeds.
  • It allows users to create the custom playlist of their choice and lets the user have a humongous and vivid option of videos to go through as per their liking.
  • Tubemate has an inbuilt browser so that different websites can be accessed and makes it possible for tube mate to download videos from them.
  • It can handle multiple downloads at a time and doesn’t like them on hold in queues.
  • You can either download them on your devices internal memory or download it to your SD card.
  • Managing your downloads is very simple in vidmate apk, and there are several custom accessibility options on this app.
  • It allows users to websites or web platforms such as the YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, etc.
  • Users can add bookmarks to websites they wish to view later on.
  • This app can also download music, by just adding a mere plugin to it and converting the video to the high-quality music file.
  • It creates the new directory to save the downloaded files so that users can visit the folder and access the file later on.
  • It has its own video player where users can view the downloaded videos.
  • Its video player is very light and streams videos at high quality and high speed.
  • New features such as casting have been added to improve its utility.
  • By casting, users can cast the videos being played on the app to your display devices such as the T.V.
  • It allows you to keep a track on your browsing history and the list is easily accessible on the app.
  • Users can share the videos easily on other social media websites by using this app.
  • It is a very reliable source to download videos on demand and with high-speed downloads.
  • It was developed for Android devices and the developers were adamant to produce a very stable app for the users which can help them with their utility purposes.
  • It is an app compatible with android versions above 4.0 making it available on mostly the recent mobile versions in the market.
  • It can also work on PC for the Windows OS. It can be supported on the Windows 7/8/10 versions.

Tubemate app can easily be downloaded and installed on your devices and there is no harm involving the app to your device or privacy. It also makes sure that you surf the internet safely and responsibly. Its APK is easily available on several trusted websites and sources so that users do not have to worry about its availability and security.

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