Top Trending Websites in the Domain of Blogging, Education, Graphics & Entertainment

Websites are evidently playing a very vital role in each and every field, but as time goes on the trending websites of every domain takes a spin,and the best of them all comes at the top that leads the world to follow it. Discussed below are some of the trending websites belong to four different areas.


  1. Medium

Beginner writers who are always in search of the chance to publish their work, any work, often seem to be hunting the best platforms where they can easily post their blogs or articles and start making up their portfolio. Blogging websites are truly the best platform for the bloggers that serve them a stage to showcase their work and skills that could lead them to make a career out of it. Medium is one of those finest platforms that help the writers and bloggers to write startling blogs and publish them for the world to give it a read. It also includes sites with customizable HTML & CSS for the people who want to work in a more advanced environment. Visitors can read different types of blogs and also share their personal views about it through comments.

  1. Blogger

Most of the people want to start their writing career by becoming a blogger and from that point on they chose their writing domain where they excel and move towards that to make a shining career out of it. Blogger is the most appropriate and easy to use platform for the beginners to start their work as a blogger. It is a free website where there are no fees to publish any of the articles or blogs. A blogger can easily inscribe the entire blog content, attach photos, and publish it for the world to read it. Blogger is one of the most prevalent websites that has provided so much ease for beginner bloggers all around the world.


  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best websites that offers people around the world the most authentic and finest platform to learn new languages every day. With the help of this amazing website, it has become extremely convenient for everyone to learn how to speak and understand languages from any place of the world. Now, relocating is not a very troubling task,and one does not have to suffer in the new place where there is a different language. People can easily register to any language that they are willing to learn, and the most amazing fact about Duolingo is that it is free of cost, so the user does not even have to pay any price for gaining infinite benefits from this website.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best online non-profit organization that helps to educate the people all across the globe, through their website. One can easily find courses and many educative documents related to various subjects on this website and can attain knowledge as much as they want. The web designer agency that has created this website made sure that the aim of the organization is clear, and all the goals are highly achievable. The motive of this website is to deliver a personalized learning experience for everyone, in the form of videos mostly that are often hosted by YouTube. The videos include all the useful information that helps a person to gain knowledge that they are seeking, which includes methods to solve mathematical numerical to creating an electronic board.


  1. Canva

Designing a logo design that stands out in the market and creates a very positive image for the company is without a doubt a tricky task, which is why it is very important for the designers to be extra careful and observation while designing a logo. It also happens sometimes that the company or the business owner does not want to hire a logo designer and wishes to create a logo design themselves, but they lack designing skills or have low knowledge about software handling. The finest solution for such people is to use Canva for designing their logo.

Canva is one of the best online logo designing platforms that offers a very extensive assortment of templates that anyone can use to create the logo design. The collection not only includes samples for the logos, but also includes various templates for designing flyers, invitations, business cards, and so much more.

  1. Renderforest

Obviously it is not a piece of cake for every other person to create the animated video using highly professional tools, and not everyone needs an expert software to do small animation works like making a presentation. Installing heavy software for carrying smaller animation tasks would be foolishness when there are some amazing online tools present to do the work for you. Renderforest is one of the best platforms that helps people to create amazing animated videos online and in good quality. Renderforest is evidently the optimal solution for not only individuals but as well as for the businesses who want to create a flawless broadcast for their products.


  1. YouTube

Talking about the entertainment field and forget about YouTube can never happen. YouTube is evidently one of the best and the most adorable entertainment platform that is responsible for amusing millions of people in every way possible. It is one of the amazing websites that has a database full of video contents related to any category a person could wish to see. Some of the popular videos include tutorials for everything including studies, movies, political news, and religious videos, also videos full of humour, and so much more than one could wish to see.

  1. Netflix

Downloading an immense amount of movies or TV shows in the PC and carry it with you anywhere you go is obviously not an easy job. It was everyone’s desire to have an online platform that would provide people access to watch movies and TV shows from any place of the world. In order to resolve this matter for everyone, a very professional web designer agency introduced a highly convenient solution when they launched Netflix, a website that has a very vast database of films from all genre and TV shows as well.

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