Top 5 Reasons of Fast Battery Draining on Android

These days we can find smartphones with giant size RAM, Bigger internal memories and with stunning screen but we can not deny the fact that none of these can work without a battery. If processor is the brain of your smartphone then battery is its heart. You can’t even send a text message or can dial a call without battery. Battery draining is the most common issue of every smartphone user and it can be controlled once we know what the root causes of battery drainage are and how we can improve your battery life by using some small tips and tricks. Here we are listing 5 core reasons of fast battery Draining on Android and how to deal with them.

1.All the Sensors are turned on:

Your smartphone works on the perfect integration of hardware and software. It is a combination of many sensors and algorithms. Sensors consume battery when they are turned on for example if you have auto brightness turn-on on your device then this means you have light sensor turned on which will adjust screen brightness according to the environment. If you have autorotation of screen turned on, then this means that your Accelerometer is always turned on and keep working to sense if you are holding your device horizontally or vertically. Same thing goes for the finger print if you have finger print security turned-on on your device then it will always keep fingerprint sensor on even if you are not using the device. You can turn corresponding features off to save battery.

2.Application Running in Background:

You might have noticed that when you purchase a new smartphone it has a good battery backup but by the time you start experiencing that battery drains very fast. The reason is the applications installed on your device more applications you install on your smartphone more they consume battery because most of them run in the background and keep consuming resources. You can save battery by clearing the apps running in background time to time. You can also use an android cleaner app to wipe away junk and leftovers of uninstalled applications.

3.Live wallpapers and other widgets on screen:

Fancy visual effects are always a reason for battery drainage regardless to your smartphone or a computer. To control visual effects on your smartphone you should not use a live wallpaper and should have minimum number of widgets. Actually, visual effects keep your GPU running all the time and thus drain battery very fast.

live wallpaper and other widget on screen


Like your compute or Laptop, you will not find fans on your mobile but of course it is having a cooling unit to avoid overheating. Now we can easily understand if your phone will heat up cooling unit need to run more to cool down the device and this will result in battery drain. This does not mean that you should keep your smartphone into the refrigerator but of course you should protect it from overheating.

5.External factors such as charger and the age of battery:

Other than this there are some external factors which are also responsible for poor battery performance. If you do not use original charger then it can be a reason. Some grey market changers pretend to change your phone battery very fast but as soon as you will unplug the charger your phone battery will start draining randomly. When your battery gets old it starts getting to drain fast but not necessarily all the old batteries drain fast it completely depends on your charging habits. For the best output from the battery of your smartphone you should not charge it overnight and should run out of the juice at least once in a month.

So, these were 5 most common reasons for fast battery draining on Android. You can also try your luck with a cleaning app because most of them comes with a dedicated power saver mode and at the same time optimization process also save battery life.If you will play wisely you will never run out of the juice and even after years your device will run like a new one.

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