The Evolution of the Two Immersive Technologies – AR and VR

According to the experts, the existence of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has been noticed around for over 30 years. Initially, these technologies were spotted in the applications used in the military aircraft arena with flight simulations. They later hit the entertaining and gaming industry including online gaming.

The latest Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends Survey says that the consumer base of AR/VR will surely be increased in the coming future. In short, according to 69% of the respondents, AR/VR will become a most common affair within five years. Most importantly, these technologies are much capable of delivering more than your expectations.

The Evolution of the Two Immersive Technologies-AR and VR

With the complexities of AR/VR devices and high development costs, these technologies took good time to enter the commercial world. Although augmented and virtual reality provide the unmatched experiences to their users, you can spot them in several ways at present. Let’s begin to discuss here how closely these technologies have affected us:

  • How Companies See the Future of AR/VR?

Although there is a huge scope in the augmented and virtual reality market, product-based companies take some time to execute their plans. Most of them have still not decided how to develop an initiate plan. However, it is also true that a good percentage of the plan holders says that their ideas and plans are compatible with the changing trends of the market.

After seeing the volatility of the AR/VR market experienced so far, many companies are in a mood to wait for more to act. However, in order to overcome the challenges primarily related to augmented and virtual reality technologies, companies are showing interesting to make a collaboration with knowledgeable and experienced vendors who are much capable of delivering end-to-end product development with compatible engineering capabilities.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Present Condition

The smartphone has been around us for more than a decade ago and today it has become an essential part of our daily lives. This technology has revolutionized the way how we communicate, buy, travel, work and more.
These days, every third American household includes 3 or more smartphones while 23% maintain 3 or more desktops as well as 17% includes 3 or more tablets. To be very honest, screens are spreading around us by and by. There is no chance to escape from them.

When users first got a chance to enjoy the augmented reality in Pokemon Go, nobody had imagined to experience AR apps on a smartphone. Everything went in the right direction and Pokemon Go got succeed in maintaining a unique place in the hearts of a huge consumer base.

Some exciting and amazing changes took place in smartphones with the launch of Pokemon Go in 2016. While big companies like Facebook Snap-chat have used AR on social media platforms to entertain their users, others such as Wayfair have decided to develop easy-to-use apps to help customers make a quick online purchasing decisions.

With the utilization of Wayfair app, users are allowed to visualize the furniture in their own home by just carrying a smartphone in their hands while covering the room or the area where the furniture items are going to be placed. This technology helps people to stay away from the fear of purchasing some costly items, like furniture.

Every industry right from the real estate applications to tourism is ready to bring Virtual Reality into use. It is common today to see guides using VR to engage tourists in how the city appeared some years ago. People from different parts of the world have started recognizing the importance of innovative VR experiences in VR Scary Games.

Although there are some technology limitations in augmented reality as compared to the virtual one, it is popular in different types of industries including logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

Some advanced versions of headsets can be used to enjoy the augmented reality experiences and the technology is determined to make a big difference in the commercial and industrial markets. However, there are higher chances of encouraging these technologies to become a mainstream adoption after making a few vital changes.

Smartphones with a pair of high-quality headsets have been playing a crucial role in creating the finest VR experiences for the users for some years now. Virtual reality, of course, has something extra to offer to their users as compared to what they can get with the augmented reality. People have the freedom to use a few advanced hardware platforms and software tools to make VR experiences more engaging and interesting. More options have been opened up in the virtual reality world since the introduction of more advanced systems like the Oculus Rift linked with 360 cameras. There is a best way for playing the online gaming for entertainment.

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