The Best Productivity Apps for Your Smartphone

Productivity apps are becoming really popular nowadays. And not just with the general public, but increasingly with business people as well. Today, in addition to countless to-do apps for personal use, you can find a whole series of powerful productivity tools for task management in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store that are designed for professional use only. A good example of this trend is the fact that more and more companies are developing mobile app versions of their online and desktop tools.

In addition to to-do apps, mobile solutions for efficient information and knowledge management also play a central role in the promising market segment. Office apps have also become indispensable for productive work on the go. In the meantime, they have reached such a degree of maturity that many users can no longer imagine life without them.

Cloud storage services are a big hit nowadays, so logically those apps are extremely popular as well. Even document converting services are now available as mobile apps which is amazing for the people who are constantly on the go.

Below we present a series of professional productivity apps for the iOS and Android devices from the mentioned categories, which can be used in both personal and business environments.

PDF Converter

For the ones who are constantly on the go, this app could be a lifesaver. Imagine you have a PDF document on your phone that you would like to reuse after making some small changes to it. With PDFs being almost impossible to edit without a computer near you, this could be an impossible task. Well at least if you are not using this app.

PDF Converter will effortlessly convert any PDF into more than 20 popular file formats and vice versa. The conversion quality is top-notch whether you are converting your document to or from PDF. The app has a built-in document scanner so you can even scan and digitize your documents on the go. Cloud storage services like i Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more are supported as well.

Price: Free
Available on: PDF Android and iOS


Todoist is one of the most popular to-do list apps available on the market. It is used by over 25 million people worldwide to organize and plan projects. With Todoist you can create tasks, keep lists, and be reminded of everything by the app. This will help you get through everyday life in a more planned and productive manner.

The tasks can be prioritized in levels from 1 to 4 and marked as on a checklist. You can also assign a date and a deadline for each task. Todoist can then remind you of the tasks accordingly. In addition, all appointments and upcoming tasks appear in the clear calendar right within the app. The app is also very intuitive, easy to use, and looks good.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS


Toggl is the classic time tracking tool. The app will help you track your time and figure out how much your time is worth. To put it the other way, you can see how you are spending most of your time, break it into projects you work on and use that data to see which activities brings you money and which don’t. It’s that easy.

Toggle is known for its user-friendliness – for example through team management features – you can use Toggl to do effective time tracking. The app can be synced across all of your devices and platforms making your time tracking even better. It even offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers. There are other additional features such as tracking reminders and email reports.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS


IFTTT means “If this then that”. IFTTT has been around for a few years and can now integrate with over 100 applications including Facebook, Evernote, email apps and much more. The principle is very simple: IFTTT can link different applications together and automate processes between them.

Let us give you a couple of examples:

If a new photo appears on your Instagram account, you can make the app upload it automatically to your dropbox. If you change your profile picture on Facebook, the app can change it automatically on your Twitter account as well. If you mark an email in Gmail, the app could automatically put it in the desired Evernote folder, etc. The principle is the same for all other apps it works with? Now you just have to explore and have fun with it.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS


The structure of this organizational app is reminiscent of mind maps. You can put tasks, ideas and suggestions into a Mindly map you have created yourself. Then those tasks and thoughts can be sorted and arranged hierarchically using different colors, symbols, and texts. You can also create and manage speeches, presentations, meetings, ideas, and summaries at different levels. Furthermore, the generated mind maps can be saved as image-text files and shared with other people. If you are a visual person, this app would be a great choice for you.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS

Freelancers, marketing lone warriors, and small businesses or agencies struggle every day to use their resources as effectively as possible and in a time-saving manner. Apps like the ones mentioned in this article can help you better manage appointments, set priorities correctly, find relevant information more quickly, or measure whether time was optimally used throughout the day.

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