Reasons why you should learn Web Development?

What is Web Development?

Web development is a field of computer science that is concerned with developing web sites for internet or intranet (World Wide Web or private networks). It consists of complex coding and programming put together to create a web page. Web development refers to writing coding and markups to create a page and serve its purpose. The web sites we search in the internet are created by the web developers. Web development is one of the most important aspect of computer science as in today’s world internet is a necessity for normal people as well as large and small business organizations and government organizations, and to search anything on the internet, we require web developers to create a page to serve the people using the internet. The web development course one of the highly demanded courses of computer science and students usually look for online web development degrees to find out the best degrees offered for web development courses online as online education is in high demand these days.

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Reasons to learn web development

Web development is a field that is in high demand in today’s competitive market as various organizations create web pages to promote and serve customers online as online market is increasing day by day and people are becoming dependent on internet, and thus there is a huge demand for web developers to develop those web pages to serve the online customers. There are various reasons to choose the study of web development and some of them are:

  • People interested in programming and coding can find web development very interesting as it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort to learn the basics of web development.
  • Web development doesn’t necessarily require a degree as web development skills can be self taught.
  • People who have knowledge about web development can use their knowledge towards other fields of computer science as well in the fields such as software developer, and mobile applications developer.
  • Web development is very innovative and creative.
  • Learning web development can help you earn a lot of money.
  • Many job and career prospects are available as a specialist web developer. You can also expand your knowledge to other fields as well.
  • If you are a proficient web developer you can work as a freelancer or also as a part of an organization that are looking for a web developer.
  • In a world that is constantly moving towards high technological possibilities, having a background in the field of computer science can be rewarding.

 Areas of study in Web Development

It is a part of computer science and is basically concerned with programming, markups, and coding to create a web page whether it is a simple single page or a complex web site, the coding behind the web page is done by web developers. The web development course includes knowledge about:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, and SQL.

 What does web development course includes?

With the growth of World Wide Web, the demand for web developers also increased as internet is a place where you can promote your business through digital marketing, social media marketing, Google ads, and various other means. Thus the web developers are hired by various organizations to create web sites for promoting their organizations and engaging people to visit their sites. The web sites may be information based, but the sites are formed by combining web analysis, web design, and authoring with the multimedia development as well as the basic programming skills and the use of database.

Web developers are the ones behind the website design, its formations, and marinating the everyday operation of the web site. There are various organizations that hire the self taught individuals and freelancers instead of the professional ones to create web sites to minimize the hiring cost where as there are organizations that offer jobs to professional web developers to create and maintain the sites and update the sites periodically.

Web development courses may include the following:

  • It includes web designing.
  • Content development/Web content development.
  • Client Side/Server Side scripting
  • Network security/Cyber security
  • Web page maintenance
  • Regular page updates

All the above mentioned activities are carried out by the web developers to create and maintain a web site or web page.

The web development hierarchy

Though every website is built differently and has different content, design, and graphics, the three fundamental components for any web page or site are mentioned below:

  • Client side coding.
  • Server side coding.
  • Database coding.

Jobs and career prospects for a web developer

There are a wide variety of job opportunities available for a good web developer. Though, for getting a job in the field of web development having a degree is not mandatory, but having a good knowledge about computers and other related subjects is very important, thus the students who do not want to attend college can get the much required education through various online sources and colleges. There are various colleges providing online education where one can search for the desired degrees. For example, one can look for online digital marketing degrees to acquire the much needed education about the field of computer science a student is looking for. Having knowledge about web development can help you to get a job in various fields such as:

  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • UX designer (User Experience)
  • UI designer (User Interface)
  • QA developer (Quality Assurance)
  • Full-stack developer
  • Product manager and many more.

The above mentioned jobs are the various areas a student having a degree or knowledge about web development can work for.


Web development is the need of the hour as everything is moving towards the online world, people can buy, sell, pay bills, watch movies, and does a lot more with the help of internet. Web development does not necessarily require a degree and can be self-taught, these course not only provide a lot of job opportunities but having knowledge about online web development degrees can help you to become an entrepreneur and work for yourself as well.

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