How to Digitize JPG File into A Word Format Using OCR Tools

Technology is advancing swiftly. The days are gone when people used to type the whole content from an image file just to edit it. These days, it is an ingenious job to convert the JPG file to a Word document by using OCR tools.


How are the files converted?

There is a technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which is used to digitize the image file into a Word format. OCR has been in existence for some time. It is used by the online tools and OCR software as well. It mainly works to recognize and scan the individual characters and compares them to the stored characters. After matching the character, it goes forward to the next character. There are two techniques to recognize the character. The first techniques, as mentioned above, scan the individual character; compare it with the stored character and moves on to the next character. The short coming of this technique is that if two characters seem to be identical, you get the result deformed.

A second technique to digitize the image files is to use feature recognition. Feature recognition is a technology that is able to recognize and extracts the feature of each character. It compares the features of the input character with the stored character. So, the possibility of getting a similar output character for various characters is eradicated because each character has a different feature. This technique gives the accurate result and is used extensively

How to convert Image files into JPG files?

The conversion of the image file to a word document is really simple. You just require the software that harnesses the OCR technology. You can either select the online file converter or can download the OCR software from here. The main fault of using an online converter is that an internet connection should always be active during the file conversion. This obstacle is solved by using the downloaded software which can be used at any time and no internet connection required.

OCR Uses

Using JPG to Word Converter

The following steps describe you the use of JPG to Word Converter:

  1. After downloading the software, install it.
  2. Once the installation is done, select the image file for conversion.
  3. Now choose the preferred language.
  4. It is time to choose the output format which would obviously be Word (Doc).
  5. You can use the option of “Auto-Skew” and “Auto-rotate” for correcting the rotation and skew of the file.
  6. Now, press the option “Save”. Your file is converted into Word format.

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Bear in mind that the software uses OCR technology. It relies heavily on reading the features of the characters. So, care should be taken that the image file is of a high quality. The low-quality image file will not provide you the desired result. Also, it supports the various file formats like PNG, BMP, TIF,and GIF. Your file confidentiality cannot be disclosed as it has the feature of password protection and watermark protection. On top of that, this software is able to recognize the characters in 40 languages.

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