How to Come Up with Untapped Keyword Ideas Through a Competitor Analysis?

SEO is bread and butter for the business sales through the website in the online world.  SEO, which is termed as search engine optimization is all about making the website reach the targeted customers with the help of different SEO techniques.  As process keyword optimization becomes an initial and important stage of digital marketing for a website. Any website that begins the journey of SEO should find out the right keywords for which their website should be targeted for which means, the business has to list out the search terms used by the potential customers to find a business that offers products and services like you.

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When there rises question about finding the right keywords that need to be targeted for the website, most of them use trusted and tired tools to find out the right keywords that need to be targeted for the business.  Tools like Google keyword planners give you the list of the search volume for particular keyword along with the high and low competition but, today’s intense competition between the websites will need untapped keyword ideas to win the competition. Tools like Google keyword planner will give key information about ranking factors, cost per click, conversions and much more but, all this information is the same for all the competitors in the industry. When you are targeting the keywords for the website just based on this tool, you are unlikely to win the competition because all the competitors are on the same practice and are likely to target the same keywords making the competition intense. It makes difficult for you to stand out from the crowd for the targeted keywords.  Targeting the same keywords will either put you at the risk of being stagnant or you will see no surge in your search engine rankings.

Good that you have come across the post that helps you with the untapped keyword ideas that help you revamp your SEO strategies.  Continue further to know to find the new keywords that need to be targeted for the website. The new found knowledge can be effectively used to win the competition.

Review their HTML source

SEO is all about winning the competition by increasing their search engine rankings over the competitors. One of the effective to untapped the keywords of the competitor are to ding in their HTML source code. There is no need to explain view the source code of the web-page.  There are different ways to view the source code on different web pages, once you find the code using the techniques; you have to copy Meta tag description, title tag and keyword tag to find the hidden keywords that the competitors are targeting to rank higher.

Review html source

Keyword planner tool

Google keyword planner is effective tools in suggesting the right keywords that need to be targeted for the website ranking.  Using the tool on the broader perspective will no doubt guide with the right keywords but, here is a catch!  Are these keywords quite effective in winning the competition and winning the search engine rankings?  The chances are falling behind the half ratio.  The SEO has to be conducted intensively especially if you are competing with the top brand in the industry. A smart way to win the competition is to put this tool to the effective use by putting the competitor’s URL into your landing page; you will get the keywords related to competitor’s website.  You will get every information about their monthly searches and their ranking factors.  You will find the innovative and creative keywords that are used by them to rank higher.

Choose and narrow keywords

Now you are done with finding the hidden keywords for the competitors. Use the above-stated keywords for your top five competitors in the industry. Among all the keywords that you have listed for you have to filter 10-20 keyword phrases that have to be used for targeting your web results.

After you narrow down the keywords from the big list, you have to find the ones that have the best competition to search volume ratio. The hidden keywords that you find through the process will have real search volume which implies that people are searching with this keyword but are used low times. These keywords with the low but effective search trends will rank a website high and make it easy to climb rankings. You should also make an effort to create a new content on the website targeting the untapped keywords; you can see your organic search engine rankings grow further in no time.

Final thoughts

Using right multiple less competitive keywords will raise your search engine rankings in no time rather than trying to rank higher for the popular ones. This strategy will help you find your website getting ahead of the competition earlier than the times that are expected by you.

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