How Can Press Releases Help You in Your Marketing Strategy?

The best way to advance your business is not always to apply the latest tools or make continuous changes until you find the right one, sometimes the solution was in front of you for years. The press releases, these old instruments journalism can have great benefits for your marketing strategy.

In this post we will explain why a press release is the best marketing action for your business and the steps you must follow to be successful.

But first, what is a press release?

A press release is a statement that is sent to the media so that they disseminate it to a greater number of readers. They can be sent by institutions, companies, communication agencies or individuals.

Years ago, the only objective of the press releases was to maximize the coverage of an event or news, but with the arrival of the digital world it has become a way to attract potential customers to a company.

If you still do not understand how these releases can benefit you in your marketing strategy, keep reading and we will give you reasons to start using them today.

Benefits of using a press release in your marketing strategy

The press releases have more benefits than you might think, for example did you know that Google favors its web positioning?

These are some of the main advantages of including press releases in your marketing strategy:

  • They will increase SEO and your web traffic by receiving visits that come from authority pages thanks to backlinks.
  • You will receive web traffic from specialized blogs that will attract potential customers.
  • They will improve your Branding or corporate image thanks to its massive reach as they convey confidence and professionalism.
  • Google favors your web positioning.
  • Sending press releases periodically helps to have a fluid relationship with journalists and the media.
  • They offer great versatility since they can adapt to different media, blogs and websites.

How to make a perfect press release? Steps to follow

Marketing is not an exact science nor is journalism, so there are no infallible tips for a press release to succeed. On the other hand, if you follow a series of steps it is very likely that you will achieve most of your goals.

1. When should you send a press release?

Although the communications are well received by the majority of users, sending a press release without a specific reason or doing it too frequently can play against you. Here are some examples for which it is appropriate for you to send a press release:

  • Hiring a senior executive
  • Receipt of a prize
  • Organization of an event
  • Expansion of the company’s services or products

2. Choose the media

To choose the media to which we will send the press release we must make a filter according to: the quality of the domain, SEO and positioned words and quantity and quality of links, among others. For that you can help with tools such as: SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Keyword Planner.

It is no use sending our press kit to a large number of media outlets if none of them has sufficient authority.

But the media are not the only ones that can help you spread press releases. The specialized blogs will be the perfect complement, because unlike the others, they are aimed at your potential clients. You must apply the same filter to the media.

3. Structure of a press release

If you wonder how to write a press release? The first thing you should keep in mind is that you are not going to write a single press release. This should be an incentive for you to get to know each medium better and adapt to your readers and their style book.

You must write a press release for each medium, since if its content is doubled, Google will penalize them.

If you come from the world of digital marketing it is important that you know some TIPS of journalism so that your press release is chosen and not part of the 85% that journalists throw away every day.

  • Be brief: On the internet this is a maximum applicable to any content and press releases are no exception, it is appropriate that they contain about 700 words. In addition, you must include short sentences with a subject structure + verb + predicate, an almost unbreakable rule in written and digital press journalism.
  • Headline: Press headlines are characterized by the same simple structure and the absence of negatives or questions. They must not exceed 15 words.
  • Inverted pyramid: The inverted pyramid is a structure widely used in journalism that consists of placing the most relevant information in the first paragraph and adding minor details as the information progresses. This format of a press release can be very useful for your marketing strategy taking into account the little time that users spend reading any content. Do not forget the bold!
  • Inform, do not sell: Most of the press releases that are rejected are because they are too advertising. In a press release you should, more even than in your posts, inform and not make a direct reference to your animation company’s products or services. However, you can include attachments.
  • Language and style: Each media outlet has a style book. If you know him and adapt your press release to him, the journalist will not have to correct it and you will be much more likely to publish it.
  • Relevant information: The relevant information must be contained in the first paragraph, which is known as the 6W’s, but you must also include it schematically at the end of the release, so that the reader can know the relevant information at a glance.

And of course, do not forget to include the keywords and long tails so that your press releases are optimized.

4. Social Networks to publish the press release

The social networks can be great allies in expanding the coverage of your press releases thanks to tools that allow monitoring of keywords, tracking mentions and tweets, capturing audience quality, and so on. In addition, you can interact with the publications of the media and blogs that have published your press release.

And you can benefit from the advantages offered by each social network:

  • With Twitter you can send direct messages to potential clients that include the press release and set the tweet as highlighted.
  • On Facebook you can use the groups to send the press releases.
  • On Instagram you can attract your customers with photographs of the products or services promoted by your press release.
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This article has been shared by Tarun Gupta who is a blogger and software engineer and loves to share his knowledge and experience.