Export or Transfer Emails from Thunderbird to MS Outlook

There are a number of email applications, and each organization uses a platform that is fit for purpose, provides better management, and within budget. However, over time, organizations may have better needs. Let us think of an example. Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email platform perfect for small business and personal purposes.

However as the company grows, they may wish to move towards a better platform like MS Outlook. This change can be inspired by the powerful email management and security features that reside in Outlook. In order to make the change, the organization must incorporate one of many email migration technologies.

Now, when we talk about email migration, this is a rather difficult task that requires careful planning and a lot of investment. In addition, due to the need to move large numbers of mailboxes, even small errors may result in severe data loss. Therefore, organizations must ensure that migration is made in the safest and most accurate way in the shortest time possible.

This article promotes our discussion by introducing a number of techniques to transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook accurately and safely.

Get To Know About Export Thunderbird to Outlook

When an email is transferred from one platform to another, the essence of the mailbox content is converted from one file type to another database file type. Successful migration of emails involves two phases of operation: exporting from the source email client and importing to the target email application.

In Thunderbird to Outlook migration scenario, this involves converting the MBOX file to PST format. Thunderbird stores everything in the MBOX file and creates a separate file for each mailbox folder. Whether you need to switch Thunderbird to a different version of Outlook (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007), the conversion process remains the same. MBOX files that store Thunderbird mailbox folders after conversion to PST format can be imported directly into Outlook.

Techniques to transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

Here are the main methods used to execute Thunderbird to  MS Outlook conversion:

1. Use DataHelp MBOX to PST converter

As more and more organizations accepting Outlook as their main email platform, it is now common to transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook platforms. In fact, it is clear that these kinds of switches are beneficial in many ways – better management, higher productivity, and scalability. Therefore, a tool that can convert Thunderbird database files (MBOX files) into Outlook compatible files (PST files) is a requirement today.

Steps to convert MBOX to PST:

  1. Download & Run DataHelp MBOX to PST Converter.

  2. Add MBOX file or folder containing multiple MBOX files.

  3. Alternatively, drag and drop MBOX files onto the software interface.

  4. Click on Convert button and browse the destination path to save converted PST files.

  5. Choose to create single PST file for all MBOX via merging or not.

  6. Click on Ok and the conversion process will start.

The above-defined method also export MBOX files into Outlook PST format. Moreover, for new users, these methods can be too complex and may lead to data loss.

2. Use IMAP

An Internet Message Access Protocol (commonly known as IMAP) is a standard Internet protocol that allows you to synchronize 2-ways between an email client and a webmail email account. It is designed to allow accessing the same account from multiple clients. It is, therefore, a good idea to use this protocol to make this conversion.

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Configure your Gmail account in Thunderbird using an IMAP server

  2. In Gmail, create a new folder and move the message you want to export.

  3. You can now view all the messages you want to export in your Gmail account

  4. Access the Gmail account on your browser to confirm all messages have successfully entered Gmail folder.

  5. Configure the same Gmail account in MS Outlook using a POP or IMAP server, then download all emails.

Note: This method is feasible for exporting a few email messages only. It is too demanding of time and effort to transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook from a large mailbox.

Disadvantages of both methods given above

In addition to the deficiencies in each of the above methods, they have another significant disadvantage in terms of the potential loss of data. It suffers from a number of shortcomings that can prove fatal in large conversion. Moreover, this method does not directly convert MBOX data into PST format. It is merely a workaround and therefore affects the integrity of email data.

Therefore, to avoid trouble, the first method is the most recommended method.

Last Comment

For users who do not have experience of multiple email clients technicalities, transferring email is a complex task. In addition, manual methods to export or transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook are limited by time and risks. To get a better understanding, you can try third-party converters for a free trial, such as DataHelp MBOX to PST Converter.

It is fast, secure, and all data can be converted accurately to a format that is compatible with Outlook. It also prevents any kind of data loss and ensures that the integrity of emails remains intact during the entire conversion.

Also, this software is not limited to just importing Thunderbird emails to Outlook but also supports Entourage, Apple Mail, Spicebird, The Bat, Opera Mail, Eudora, PocoMail, Becky Internet mail, Powermail, Gmail (*mbox), Backupify (*mbox), etc.

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