Executing Instagram Giveaway Contests to Gain More Recognition

We all know that Instagram is a powerful platform for brands and business owners but as the app changes, it’s hard to keep up with what you should and shouldn’t be doing. With over 1 million active monthly users and 25 million active business accounts, it’s clear that this platform is not going anywhere any time soon.

Instagram giveaways have proved to be a great way to push your brand and gain more engagement. So when running an Instagram giveaway is to determine the goal of the giveaway. Is it to get more engagement? Is it to increase your followers? Is it to increase your email subscribers or your Facebook group? And so on.

Marketing tools such as giveaways works the opposite way, instead of push for market growth here you are drawing people in and creating more organic growth. Through giveaways the online community will visit and share your content which is great for your brand’s visibility.

Although giveaways that have worked for other people might not work for you so the nature of your giveaway depends on the market that your brand caters to. Keeping this in mind let’s check out the step by step process involved when executing an Instagram contest.

Figure Out Your Goal:

The first step is to figure out the goal for your contest. Are you trying for more followers? Do you want more engagement? Do you want to encourage your product use? Are you trying to get traffic on your website from Instagram? There are a lot of ways in which this platform can be used to reap success.

Just remember that you can’t have more than one goal because later on it can get a little confusing so really have one primary goal to place all focus on.

Decide What To Give Away:

The next step is to pick your prize, what do you want to give away? It is better to decide on something that will appeal to your ideal customer. Anybody can say that we are giving away an Apple watch or a Samsung phone, but if you are a brand for foot ware then this give away would not be in contrast with your online business and would also make you seem desperate.

Remember that whatever you decide to give away should generate engagement on a deeper level. If the prize does not suite your type of business, it will only create appeal for consumers who are looking for free stuff, these consumers will never become a part of your loyal consumer base.

For example if you are running an online service it’s better to give away a free service, it will resonate with your business and also give an opportunity to the audience to test the service for free.

Figure Out Your Entrance Strategy:

Next think about what are the people supposed to do in order to enter your contest? Liking posts, leaving comments, or tagging other people are some of a few popular ways in which the audience can start engaging with your competition.

If you want to have more content to use on your Instagram account you can always go for user generated content to enter the contest. This is where you can ask people to post pictures of themselves using your product and then you can get all these pictures you can use to create more marketing firepower directed towards your brand. With this you can also introduce #hashtags that people can use with the pictures to create amazing social media trends hence generating more traffic.

Decide The Period of The Contest:

It’s better to decide when the contest is going to start and end beforehand. Make sure that the period is listed everywhere. One thing you can also do when the content is over is to change the caption. It is important for the people to know if the contest is still in effect.

Keep Pushing Your Contest:

You may need to post about your contest more than once. If your audience is not used to you dong contests online or the fellowship isn’t very big, it’s better for you to keep nudging and reminding people with multiple posts.

Check In Your Progress Frequently:

This is important for two reasons. One, once the contest is up, if there is something wrong with it or its proving really hard for people to enter somebody is going to comment about the situation. And honestly you don’t want issues like these to go on about a day or two. You would want to fix issues like these as fast as you can or else your contest would lose all the excitement factor.

The second reason you should regularly check in with your online contest is as people enter you respond with appreciation and engage with the participants. This back and forth communication will give you the chance to appear more in the Instagram algorithm and you would be able to show your contest to even more people online.

Consider Cross-Promotion:

Another way to increase reception you can team up with other brands and run a contest between your accounts. This requires certainly more work to set it up but if the brands have similar audiences. This way you can also make strategic partnerships where both the brands help each other out to get more engagement.

Ensure Legality:

First of all platforms like Instagram requires that you follow all federal, state and local laws like age restrictions and other important stuff. Things like tagging people who are not part of the contest or asking people to tag themselves in a picture that does not include the tagged person are some of the biggest mistakes that will tarnish all your effort.

It is advised to check with the legalities before you execute a contest, failing to comply with the legalities can severely hamper your reputation and in some cases may also result in complete industry exit.

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