Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups in 2019

The world is getting close-knit under the influence of the digital revolution. Online culture has contributed immensely to the emergence of new working models through greater connectivity and improved versatility. The key players of the IT sector and emerging startups have collaborated virtually across boundaries giving rise to practices like freelancing and work from home.

Marketing strategies adopted by companies is no exception where the new digital practices have made their mark. Businesses are making their presence felt in the online world by adopting suitable marketing strategies. However, the scale and extent of digital marketing pose a challenge on how to start on the right note. Unplanned efforts on digital platforms may prove to be of little or no use at all. Each digital marketing strategy for startups comprises of various techniques and tactics to achieve the desired results. The evolution of new trends makes it uncertain that what worked last year will also work during the present times too.

So here we list some hot trends for 2019 that may prove to be decisive.

Video Marketing

Conveying messages in the form of videos have always been popular since inception and are likely to remain in 2019 too. Relevant videos are displayed in SERPs, so video marketing proves to be useful for new startups. A large number of businesses use it for demonstrations, conversations, glimpses of events and nonetheless, to provide related know-how for a product or a brand.

Videos prove to be more revealing as they convey a greater amount of information in a limited time frame. Thus, they also prove to be time-saving over other formats of media. The onlookers are expected to get surely hooked to a platform if they find the video content to be visually engaging. A study reveals that nearly two-thirds of viewers prefer an under the 60-second video.

With decreasing cost of filming equipment and increase in quality of smartphones and cameras, video processing has become an easy affair and marketers are moving towards making personalized videos than using e-mails or audio messages. Coming live on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram has created a buzz keeping in view that it will be unadulterated and reach with no time lapse.

Social Media Marketing

It would not be incorrect to assume that nearly all people having access to the internet have at least one profile one either of the social media sites. No other medium can match the effect of going viral in seconds like that which occurs on social sites. So imagine the reach of social media platforms when it comes to marketing online and the consumer base that it generates. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also act as platforms for targeting audience by advertising their products.

Startups can acquire a foresight regarding the platforms that will be suitable and the kind of audience they want to attract within their specified budget. The process starts with making attractive pages on various social media platforms. Then sequentially draw them towards your other profiles by the means of your content. Allow your content to be shareable. This will make it possible for your faithful visitors to share your precious content that will magnify your social media presence. Hence you will be in a position to obtain minimum regular traffic.

SEO and Content Marketing

Search engine marketing campaign that includes proper keyword research and using them while creating your distinct content, increases the probability of fixing a spot among top search engine results. Keep updating your content regularly in view of the relevant keywords will increase your organic traffic. Along with this, do not forget to update different sections of your website like title tags, page speed, alternative text for images etc. for added advantage. Higher your rank in the search results more is your chances to draw customers and make business conversions.Digital-Marketing-Strategies-for-Startups-in-2019

One needs to develop convincing content in order to build one’s brand identity. Suitable call-to-actions needed to be placed appropriately to guide interested customers towards the bottom of the sales funnel. Above this, using off-page SEO techniques like creating a vast array of quality backlinks will also increase your domain authority.

Messaging App Marketing

When we take a look at statistics, we will find that messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger have more overall users than Facebook or YouTube. The huge market base that these apps provide is not yet tapped fairly. Messenger marketing is an upward trend as they are more for personalized and context-driven customer experience. It gives users control over who can send them messages.


You can opt to make payment for getting your ads displayed on a host website which may be a search engine or any social media platform. People will see your website and get exposed to your content more as they type their targeted keywords in the search. While bidding for high traffic keywords may prove to be much costly for a start-up, one can invest in a social media paid-campaign which is relatively cheaper. A PPC campaign once executed successfully enables to acquire a substantial number of loyal customers for the future too.


A common challenge is from where to begin your digital marketing plan. So start small to learn simultaneously as you apply new tricks, be uniform in approach and never compromise on the quality of content offered. Do not forget to make use of analytics to review your performance and make the required modifications. Digital is the most measurable medium that if put to optimum use can fetch beneficial results. As a useful tip note that be it 2019 or beyond, it is not recommended to stick to any digital strategy or technology for long in the dynamic digital world. Therefore, a start-up can also go for a mix of strategies to increase their chances of business.

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