Best SEO Practice Tips: All Web Developers Should Know

Developing a website and SEO goes hand in hand. While one plays a major role in the way a website is designed and created, the other plays an important role in improving the vision over the SERPs. Most likely if any of the two aspects aren’t worked well on a website it shall go unnoticed on the web. SEO matters for driving the right audience to the website, and website design matters in keeping the visitors on the website for a longer time.

In today’s time the web development, designing, and SEO have become a part of a single package. The SEO Company India prefers working on a whole website together, rather than just optimizing content. Here are some of the best practice SEO tips for all web developers to know and practice for healthy responses to the website!

User-friendly web design


The most successful websites on the internet have been simple and user-friendly! A robust website with the right content can do without extreme over design and create the right impact. The key is to influence the audience with its swift working, content, and impression rather than the designs. A website should, of course, be visually appealing but this can be attained with the right choice of web design, subtle palettes, and great user experience. Most of the SERPs like Google lend importance to the user-friendly websites!

URL structure should be SEO friendly

It is always better to design your website around the SEO needs. From the content on the website to the URL, if the links are SEO optimized, the website gets a better ranking on SERPs. Learn to create clean, meaningful and structured URLs that are easy for the users to use. Avoid creating lengthy and confusing URLs as these disrupt the sharing process or the ability of the users to save them for later use. The URLs should be easy to remember, even type. For example, a URL like is always better than

The loading speed of the website

About 45% of the website ( traffic is lost if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds of entering the URL. The speed of the website determines its audience. In this fast-paced internet world, more users have emerged with mobile devices on their hands with less time to wait for the website to respond. Website performance and the loading speed is crucial to retaining the customers and making them visit the website again. To save you from losing out on valuable traffic, help the potential customers to have a good experience browsing the website.

Code smartly

A robust website cannot function without a sound coding system. Website optimization is possible only when there is a well-organized and minimal coding. Lay emphasis on the coding system followed to build up a website on a strong system.

Website navigation should be simplified

Navigation of the website increases the user experience and ability of the traffic to get the right information without searching too much. It allows visitors to feed on information correctly. For a greater user experience is important. But most importantly, navigation allows the SERPs to crawl through the content of the website well for website rankings. When the menus are designed optimum and are easily understandable, with efficient use of internal links to guide the users to the right content, it helps gain better browsing experience thereby helping the website secure a good ranking too.

JavaScript to the advantage

Most developers rely on JavaScript and j Query to create a beautiful website that appeals. But too much use of JavaScript does not let the website get the same response as CSS does. The key here is to use JavaScript but minimally to the advantage. JavaScript renders it difficult for the search engines to crawl through the website content thereby decreasing the chances of higher ranking. Partial solutions with JavaScript work the best.

Mobile friendliness is important

Mobile friendly

About 82% of the website traffic today comes from mobile users. The rising wave of mobile phones, tablets, etc. has driven the audience to use mobile devices more than PCs. Therefore, the website needs to be compatible with the mobile operating systems and browsers for the optimum experience. Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm lists ranking separately for mobile platforms. SEO Company India preaches the practice of making the websites mobile friendly and operating system oriented. This helps capture the larger segment of the audience who are most likely to browse and make purchases through mobile platforms.

Content – the king!

A developer is less likely to lend attention to the content that goes up on the website. But the truth is that it is the content that distinguishes the website from the others. SEO is all about the right content put up on the website that captures the most attention. When the website is designed around the kind of content that shall go up on the website and gives the right space for the right kind of content – it works magically improving the response on the website. Lay attention to the design with the content aspect and emphasize the headline, tagline, meta descriptions, etc. Share the ideas with the copywriter to bring together a robust website.

Optimize the images

The most effective trends in SEO recently has been the use of images. Apart from using high-quality, creative and communicative images, it is also important to add the Alt Text, tag, keywords, etc. on the image. Use small files of images to help them load faster. Optimize the image with the right tag, keywords and descriptive content to gather attention for the website.

Sitemaps for the website and search engines

Sitemaps in the form of XML entail the search engines to crawl through the website for content and list it on their results. It is one of the well-known, SEO Company India SEO tricks to work on the sitemap to the best advantage. Work on both the XML and the HTTP sitemap to improve website navigation both for the visitors and the search engines.

With a little extra attention to the designing process from the perspective of SEO, a developer can create a website that performs well on the internet!

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