Ask These 5 Questions to Yourself Before Starting a Blog

Everyone can write but managing a blog is different from writing. Along with writing skills you need image searching skills, SEO, WordPress, editing and other skills. And if you don’t remain consistent in releasing your blogs timely, your blogging journey can end soon.

So, before you start a blog, you have to consider several things. Writing the first blog is easy but writing regularly needs time, ideas and skills. Therefore it’s important to clear your ‘Why’ before you begin your blogosphere.

If you’re thinking to start your blog, you need to ask these 5 questions to yourself.

1.    Do I have a niche to talk about?

Every blogger is different because of their writing style and the niche they choose. Without a niche, it would be hard to focus and losing focus means losing your audience. When you’re choosing a blog don’t choose the topics that everybody is following, it can doom your success. Instead, go for the one that you’re brilliant at and have prior knowledge of the field. Although research can be done on every topic from the Internet, still if you won’t have any interest in topic, you’ll soon get bored of your blogging.

Therefore, if you have a niche that inspires you to write and motivates to learn and grow in your field, go for it. Never choose a topic because every blogger is doing so, see if you can write well on that topic and then start doing. Also don’t go for teaching others in your blogs unless you’ve tried the product yourself.

2.    Do I have time & ideas to manage my blog?

I have known stories of the people who quit their job to start as a full-time blogger because they were serious in growing their ventures. People take blogging light and complain when they don’t get the results. So, if you are willing to start your blog you need to dedicate time for it.

Setup time in a week when your blogs will publish. For example, if you publish blogs on Saturday every week, you shouldn’t make a gap in posting. This is the secret to successful blogging. Apart from them, you also need ideas to run your blog. So, keep thinking about it while eating, sleeping or playing. Summing it up, if you think you can take out time for your blog then start doing it and stay consistent with your blogs.

3.    What type of content do you need to work on?

Blogging doesn’t mean writing only. You can also create video-post, podcasts, infographics, listicles or white papers. So, you need to see which blogging strategy will suit you the most and need to work on that. If you think you can create brilliant videos, surf YouTube or IG for ideas. If you think podcasts are better, research the topic on which podcasts are heard the most

You’ll need to find the type and collate the ideas on the type of blog you choose. It’s true that your content will not be perfect from day one. You will need to run the set of experiments to see which piece is gauging the more attention. And gradually, your analysis and your writing style will get better with time.

So, which content type is your most favorite? Mine is a blog.

4.    Does my Business needs Blog?

Some bloggers start their blogging journey as a hobby while some actually need it to grow their business. Let’s say if you run a web design agency and you’re looking to advertise your business so blogging is the first medium to gain its credibility.

Ask yourself if blogging is the requirement of your business and then follow it. Also if you have a team who can manage your blogging section then it’s a good decision to start a blog.

5.    Are you willing to compromise?

Successful blogs come at the cost of giving up your leisure hours and making yourself busy with the work. If you choose to start a blog, you have to make your mind about giving up your hobbies and setting your blogging website.

If you think compromise will become difficult for you then it’s better not to start.

Having said that, these questions are essential to consider before you start blogging. I hope you answer these all before you start your journey.

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