All the Essential Questions & Answered about WordPress

In order to be successful in the present market, a business organization should have an official website. This is precisely where applications such as WordPress come into play. As per the Web Technology Surveys (W3Tech), the market share of WordPress in all the sites is 32.2%.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the platform to create a website without knowing any coding and programming. WordPress is a free tool to establish a site on an open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL.

WordPress is mainly used for the blogging such as personal blog, professional blog, etc., WordPress makes the blogging experience simple and better. Without WordPress, the creation of a website would become complicated.

WordPress workflow is a very user-friendly platform which can be utilized by any individual. WordPress provides many different features through the plugins. One of the coolest features is drag and drop option, as in this feature no coding is required. You need to drag the item and drop it wherever it is necessary.

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What is WordPress Staging Site?

Staging site is an exact duplicate of the existing website. This duplicate website is created on the same server, to protect from crashing the website. Creation of staging website is not a novice job.

Why Should You Use a Staging Site?

Staging Site is required mainly when the website is facing some technical issues. It helps in….

  • Theme customization and plugin updates should be tested firstly on a staging site.

  • It assists to have the staging site on the same server of the original website.

  • It also helps in reducing the real-time pressure from the visitor’s side

  • It helps in maintaining the visitor’s traffic of your website which gets affected during repairing of your website

  • Staging site helps to keep the positive image of your website due to a wrong impression caused by errors or downtime.

  • Staging site helps in diminishing the risk of a broken site of your business.

  • It helps to reduce the effects of a fragmented site on search engine optimization

  • Staging Site offers a backup to your main website.

Different modes of creating a staging site on WordPress –

  • Manually

  • Web-host

  • Plugin

Steps of creating a staging site on WordPress manually

Step 1:- Sub-domain Creation –

To create a staging site, first of all, you have to create a new sub-domain on the primary domain through the control panel on the same server.

Step 2:- FTP account –

Log in to the control panel and click on the FTP link to create an FTP account with the username and password to access the staging site and ensure that the username and password should be different from the original website.

Step 3:- Copying the Database –

Now, copy the WordPress data on the new FTP account from the Amazon web hosting wordpress original website. Ensure that the complete data such as file format, file size as well as setting, everything should be the same as the original website. To importing the database, click on “Go.”

Step 4:- Login to the website –

After putting the required setting, you have to edit the PHP file using the new database. Now, you can use your new same username and password which is live on the internet.

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