8 Tips for Designers to Overcome Creative Block

Most individuals who are gifted with some sort of artistic talent and are lucky enough to choose a related profession, go through a phase that is called “Creative Block”. Creative block is a mental blockage when an artist is unable to create art and come up with creative ideas. This situation is quite frustrating because it makes an artist feel less and have serious effects on the career. An artist who has chosen a path of their own liking usually work privately to build a professional reputation in order to draw in clients. In this scenario, facing a creative block time to time can be really damaging. However, there are many ways that can help creative people get out of this situation. This article is to address some of the most effective solutions for this problem.

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  1. Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal can be a very helpful for getting out of a creative block as it helps you in tapping into your subconscious and reach to the depth of your mental potential. It allows you to release all that is in your mind and then you can pick a raw idea and mold it to form a real gem.

  1. Perspective Shift

If you are out of ideas on a project and you really do not know what to do, you should try with this activity of role-playing. You can pick a favorite artist who belongs to the same profession and try to think what he would have done in the given scenario.

  1. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is a tested formula for resolving the creative block. It allows you think of many solutions instead of only one and thus, your mind tend to work faster when you try to brainstorm.

  1. Put a Deadline

Having no deadlines or pressure can also be a reason for creative block. You can break this block and avoid it from happening to you in future by having a routine and follow it strictly.

  1. Breaks are Important Too

A tired and exhausted mind can also be a cause of creative block. Do not ignore your physical and mental health while working on your career passionately. Because taking care of yourself will ultimately benefit you. You need to plan small and big breaks in order to keep your mind fresh and revitalize it after hard work.

  1. Internet Browsing Can Help

Internet browsing can be a great tool for accessing good ideas and inspirations for your work. You can come up with a number of ideas related to your specific project. For instance, if you are designing a logo for your client and you need inspiration, you can visit any free logo design website to have a look at the templates.

  1. Change Your Environment

Sometimes, changing your surroundings can be a great idea too. Pick up your canvas and brushes or your laptop or writing pad and leave your room or office desk for a while. Go to a nearby park or a quite restaurant or library and see if it works for you.

  1. Communicate

One effective way to break the creative blockage is by discussing things with another person. It allows you to have a second opinion on different issues and figure out if you are missing out on something important that is blocking your thoughts. Communication also helps you clear up your thoughts and express what is suppressed.

Even if you are not a professional artist, you can face this problem when trying to come up with a creative idea for any task whether it is related to art or not. However, people belonging to creative professions are prone to face these problems once in a while and this is why the article is addressing them. Nevertheless, above mentioned tips can help you come up with good creative ideas when you need them regardless of your profession.

Jessica Ervin is a professional graphic designer who works with Design Iconic which provides free logo designing services. She has been in the graphic designing industry for a long time and have vast experience in the field. Her experience has given her an insight of designing along with a diligent technical skill. She has a degree in Arts from a renowned University of England along with a certification in graphic designing. What makes Jessica stand out among many designers is her exposure in different industries that has given her an understanding of what design is effective in a particular market for a certain business.

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