7 Personal Online Reputation Management Tools to Boost Your Online Presence

The number of internet activity takes place every second is huge. It’s not a task you can manage manually.

Also, you can’t take the chance to overlook the importance of managing your personal online reputation. As it plays a decisive role to ensure your online success.

If you’re missing out important updates on what your customers are talking about you on online review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, etc., you’ll like to destroy your brand’s image.

Despite the rising awareness and visible signs of having a strong reputation management, some brands still neglect it. So, they save their money from buying top-notch reputation management tools.

But, it does more harm than good. So, the best online reputation management company leverages only the power of top-notch tools to improve a brand’s persona.

Sarcastically, a wretched reputation will cost you more money than a reputation management tool.

So, it’s highly advisable to manage your personal reputation with the help of automation to ensure digital success that too within a short time.

Here are 7 reputation management tools to leverage and boost your online presence. If you want to know more about this, check out our blog on personal reputation management tools.

  1. Brand 24

It’s one of the best reputation management tools in terms of collecting real-time data including public mentions google reviews, social sites, discussion forums, etc.

You can filter the search result for more detailed information on a weekly or daily basis. It helps you to track down your online presence in a more detailed manner.

You can register for a 14-day free trial prior to signing up for the paid services.

  1.   Google Alerts

Google Alerts make in all the list of top personal online reputation management tools.

Since it’s developed by google, there can’t be any question on its credibility. You can easily set up automated alerts to get notified whenever there’s a mention of your brand anywhere in the web-world.

Also, it gives you customization options to set up alerts on weekly basis or monthly basis in order to organize your inboxes.

  1.   Brand-mentions

It’s one of best personal reputation management tools in terms of its capability of handling social media platforms.

It works as a one-stop-solutions for people who want to track down all the information including social and non-social sites.

You can check the social media handles which your competitors have in order to comprehend their strategies in an effective manner. Also, the best part of Brand-Mentions is that it allows you to directly and instantly respond to your customer through its interface.

  1.   Gather-up

Gather-up is a great tool to manage your online rating.

But having a decent online rating is not an easy process as most of your customers feel reluctant to submit a review by themselves.

In order to sell a product online, you need to have over 3-star rating, otherwise it’ll simply be ignored by the majority of your customers.

Especially if you own an eCommerce store, gather-up helps you build a strong user engagement and push them tactically to submit a review.

  1. Sentiment Metrics

Sentiment Metrics help to analyze a customer’s sentiment over your brand.

It’s important to know how people are perceiving your brand in order to build up a strong online reputation. Without analyzing customers’ sentiment, it’s a pipe dream to build up a rock-solid online presence.

Sentiment Metrics help you to analyze your customer’s sentiment by age, locality and gender.

  1.     UberVu

It’s one of the best personal online reputation management tools. It helps in managing your social platforms more efficiently.

The tool helps you to track real-time data and hence forth provides you the optimum upshot on your brand’s online persona. Once you register to the premium version it allows you to access free guides, set up and trials.

So, over the years this has become one of the most preferred tools for seasoned online reputation experts.

  1.     HootSuite

When it comes to personal reputation management tools, Hootsuite can’t be left unnoticed. It’s one of the most effective tools so far.

The in-depth analytics meter, filtration process, evaluation process, make the tool perfect for analyzing one’s reputation.

So, if you’re in need of real-time report on how your brand is performing, Hootsuite is the one you should not have left uncovered.

How does personal online reputation management tool help in reputation?

This is the most common question in the minds of business owners that why would they invest money on tools? Well, it has myriad advantages too.

In case you are unaware, let’s have a look how personal reputation management tools help you manage your reputation flawlessly.

Reputation analysis- The amount of activity occurring around the net in a single second is huge. A tool helps you to stay up-to-dated on the current activities going around the internet.

Reputation repair- the tools lets you know the type of online presence you currently have on the internet. So, it helps you to be updated about the timing when you need a reputation repair.

Monitoring Online Presence- it’s one of the most important tasks for a reputation management tool. It helps to monitor your online presence and help you stay.


Without leveraging the power of personal online reputation management tools, it’s not possible to manage your online presence.

The above-guide covered the list of 7 tools that are currently booming in the market. However, if you’re still unable to manage your company’s online reputation or your own reputation, it’s best to consult with the online reputation management services to enhance your digital presence.

Do you use any other tools to manage your reputation online? Comment your thoughts below.


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