5 Unique Mobile Apps You Must Download in 2020

The development of mobile applications is not going to leave the market in fact it’s going to roll huge revenues. The use of a mobile app is increasing with the rise in smartphone usage. New applications are hitting the market with awe-inspiring solutions that can keep the target readers indulged. If you are unaware of the amazing features apps provide and how they can solve almost every problem then here is a list of some of the unique apps that you must download.


Uber is a cab booking app. No matter to which region you are living, the network of Uber is vast. You can book a car and let the driver wait for you at your doorstep. It provides the safest travelling experience. It lets the passenger feel cozy in the most comfortable cars and enjoy the overall experience at minimal rates. Considering the outcomes of this app idea many marketers claimed it to be the best mobile app development Australia.

Google Photos

Google Photos is the app right for those who are head-scratching due to quickly decreasing phone battery. If you want to do a lot with your phone and you are left with little to no memory then you need to download Google Photos to back all of your photos. Do not lose your precious moment just because of phone memory and enjoy your life.

Flow Free

Now when you have an app for travelling, to backup and for storing notes, you should have something to entertain yourself. The app Flow Free is a mind-boggling game. It is a puzzle game where you have to match the dots of same color using geometric lines. No intersection is allowed. There is a maze in the game, which you have to complete leaving no empty box behind.


WhatsApp is a great app to communicate with your friends and family. It lets you socialize without having to pay a penny. You simply have to connect your cell phone with the internet services and enjoy unlimited calling and texting sessions. The interface is rich with features from bold keyboard to a library full of GIFs and emoji’s. You will feel more interested to establish if you are using WhatsApp application.


Instagram is a social media application with a huge range of features. It allows users to post pictures and follow friends who share their life stories and upload pictures. It is a great app as it brings celebrities closer to you. You can interact with them and send them messages. You can even upload insta-stories and share the short-lived moment of your day with your followers.


When talking about the gaming apps Chess cannot never be left out. The application is more like a mini tutorial or a training platform that not only lets the players play but learn new tricks. The entire algorithms revolve around point system. Each player receives certain points based on the kind of player he defeated and in this way his game progresses. He steps into an advanced stage with the required skills. You can even add your friends and play with them to add more fun and excitement in your dull day.


Evernote is an expert note taking app that helps the users to create interesting to-do-list and schedule their meetings. Along with this, the app lets them save small write-ups. So, if you are a dedicated writer you need to download Evernote and enjoy your time. You do not have to worry about saving your notes elsewhere. It is feature rich and provide easy window to manage everything. Undoubtedly, Evernote is the best mobile app development.

Wrap Up

It’s important to look for ways you can bring ease in your life. It be a travelling app or a laundry on demand app, you have to take the time out to look for possible solutions. You have to hunt down the App and Play Store to find more and better applications that can either help you kill your boredom or assist you in completing your task in an ultra-efficient way. So, follow check the list and get the app you find helpful.

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