5 Easy Ways to Prevent Malware Infection

As much internet is making it feasible for the users to access through different through things, it is also a challenge because of the viruses. If you search for investor immigration program in Canada, you would be getting a lot of forms or websites guiding you the steps for the procedures but there is a high chance that there would be a lot of viruses hidden in them too.

It is highly recommended that you use anti-virus software and you need to be aware of the different ways in which you could easily get a virus on your system or phone. The fake buttons to the torrent sites have high risks almost everywhere. But if you would know and have a little training then you can reduce the risk of viruses and malware which will help you to enjoy the internet of your own terms and conditions.

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1. Fake buttons

This is something which could turn up almost anywhere and you will find them a lot on majorly the download sites. However, there will be download buttons which you would be sure that are the ones you don’t want to click. And if you click on the button to download something that you would also be getting malware and mostly a bad software too.

fake button

It is a very dirty trick that you need to be aware of and you can make the scammers to lose by not clicking on it. Always be cautious with these links and buttons and think twice before you even click on it.

2. A secure browser

Using an old copy of the Internet Explorer is something which you need to stay away from. An old version of the browser is something which can never be trusted. The apps are updated regularly by the developers for a lot of reasons, and to maintain and improve the security.

secure browser internet tricks

Online banking, online shopping is something which is associated with high risks and the last thing that you would want to have a browser spreading dangerous software which hijacks your bank account or the private details. The new browser use the https and they also check if the certificates which are legitimate. Google’s Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge are some of the best choices.

However, one thing to be sure is that you should not be using Internet Explorer at any cost.

3. The Tech Agents


tech agents

There are a bunch of scam telephone calls mostly in the UK and North America who claim that they are Windows technical support. The variations of these claims of the callers are from the ISP or the mobile phone provider. The only way you can save yourself is not to talk to anyone who is claiming to be from Microsoft. You need to hang up the phone immediately.

4. The security themed pop-ups

It is a very tricky spot and the pop-ups seem to appear from the bottom right of the corner of the screen. And this is something which happens with paid solutions as well and not just the free ones.

themed pop ups

If you are seeing pop-ups from the browser then you can just close it altogether and you need to ignore it. Any message which is popping up and has not been occurred during the scan is need to be avoided at all cost. If you are seeing messages of anti-virus whereas you have not installed anti virus then know that you system is somehow infected.

5. The public torrent sites

Majority of the people don’t know this but there are two types of sites; one is public and the other one is private. Both of them can be accessed through browser but the latter one requires you to create an account and also to manage the ratio.

The catch over here is that you need to upload as much as you can than you can download or you would be banned from the site. The private ones are a little difficult to join and they don’t usually accept new users so it is hard to find the ones which are open.

torrent sites malware

You can protect your system or phone by internet tricks to block virus and decreasing the chance of getting your system infected with these viruses damaging the system and stealing information too.

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