11 Tips That You Should Consider for Website Redesign

In the first two minutes of landing on your website, the visitor decides whether your website is worth visiting or not. A website is the ‘Everything’ of the business. To survive in the digital race today, you should have a website that appeals to the search engines and your target audience. Without it, it would be difficult to kick off sales and revenue from the site.

If you already have a website that is performing below average, it’s high time that you go for a website redesign.

But before you go, read out these eleven tips to ensure a successful website running and high performance.

1.     Remove Factors that Detract Visitors

Some factors on the website detract visitors to go to their desired page or achieve their goal. This includes animations that take too long to load, unresponsive pages, sounds, long paragraphs, and the lack of white spaces. The audience has a short attention span on the website, and if they get to see these factors right after landing, they switch immediately.

2.     Include Social Share Buttons

Social share buttons are the small icons situated at the top or bottom of the blogs that allow sharing the post on a click. If you publish blogs on your website and don’t have the social share buttons, they are missing a lot of traffic.

3.     Optimize Images

If the image looks good on the stock photos or other websites, then it doesn’t mean that it will look the same on your website. The image you choose for your website, especially for the home page should be optimized to your target audience and adhere to their needs.

4.     Personalize your Website

There’s no such thing as ‘Our Brand.’ The top leading brands focus on the ‘YOU,’ and that’s what makes them successful. Keep yourself in the audience’s shoes, and think of the content, colors, themes that will interest them. Match their preferences with the nature of your brand and personalize your website. This tip is a surefire way to make your site loved by the customers.

5.     Optimize for SEO

Search Engine Optimization for websites is as essential as share buttons to the blog. With a plethora of competition on the Internet, you need SEO to stand out. So, the tip is to optimize all the pages, images, and content according to the search engine preferences when you redesign a website, and you’ll see its impact on the results.

6.     Make sure you have a Mobile-First Design

People love to browse everything from the mobile, and what if your website doesn’t accommodate their screen? While the redesigning, you’ve got to make sure that your website is optimized to the mobile screen and the mobile users are getting a seamless experience.

7.     Enhance the Design

People respond more to visual elements like compelling graphics, images, and illustrations than the text-filled pages. If you don’t give them the reason to stay on your website, they will be quicker to switch. The best thing you can do is to use original photos on your site instead of the stock images. It will resonate with the audience more.

8.     Create a Content Strategy

Content marketing is the key; it’s one of the most effective ways to increase your brand visibility, reach out to a maximum audience, and gain exposure. Write for websites, add a news page, write for social media, and be consistent. This will help to build your website credibility by attracting search traffic and social shares.

9.     Include White Spaces

White Spaces also called as ‘Negative Spaces’ are the one that breaks the design in the form of empty spaces and increases the readability of the page.

10. Add New Landing Pages

New landing pages helps in converting visitors on your products and services. Therefore, adding them to your website will help your audience to know about the product. And if you’re planning to run paid advertising, then the new landing pages will be beneficial for you.

11. Seek a Professional Advice

Hire an experienced professional in the niche of web development in London or a web agency. Show them your website and ask for ways to improve it. You never know their tested tips and tricks can boost your website success faster than you can imagine.

If you’re redesigning your website, make sure you don’t include any of the old practices that make the website outdated. Stay updated to the latest trends and don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned tips.

News Reporter
This article has been shared by Tarun Gupta who is a blogger and software engineer and loves to share his knowledge and experience.